1. unspoiled

adjective. ['ənˈspɔɪld'] not decayed or decomposed.


  • uncorrupted


  • old
  • staleness

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Rhymes with Unspoiled

  • embroiled
  • uncoiled
  • recoiled
  • broiled
  • toiled
  • soiled
  • roiled
  • foiled
  • coiled
  • boiled

Sentences with unspoiled

1. Adjective
Far away from the crowds of Kuta, enjoy an unspoiled sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Quotes about unspoiled

1. The chief beauty about timeis that you cannot waste it in advance.The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you,as perfect, as unspoiled,as if you had never wasted or misapplieda single moment in all your life.You can turn over a new leaf every hourif you choose.
- Arnold Bennett

2. unspoiled

adjective. ['ənˈspɔɪld'] not left to spoil.


  • unspoilt
  • good
  • undecomposed


  • backward
  • debilitating
  • tired
  • unoriginal