1. unleash

verb. ['ənˈliːʃ'] release or vent.


  • let go of
  • let go
  • uncork
  • relinquish


  • clasp
  • enlist
  • engage
  • requisition

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Rhymes with Unleash

  • rajneesh
  • pastiche
  • mcneish
  • mcleish
  • macleish
  • judishe
  • hashish
  • bayerische
  • treesh
  • friesz
  • ashish
  • sheesh
  • riesh
  • quiche
  • liesch
  • heesch

How do you pronounce unleash?

Pronounce unleash as ənˈliʃ.

US - How to pronounce unleash in American English

UK - How to pronounce unleash in British English

Sentences with unleash

1. Verb, base form
You and your partner can unleash your wild sides at the nightclubs and lounges at the MGM Grand.

2. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Let your personality shine through as you unleash your decorating and artistic talents on your backpack.

3. Adjective
You collect gems, crystals and win rings which help you unleash new powers to better defeat your enemies.

Quotes about unleash

1. Leo had seen Tia Callida in action; she liked knives, snakes and putting babies in roaring fires. Yeah, definitely let's unleash her rage. Great idea.
- Rick Riordan

2. practice only envisioning yourself at the finish line and be unrelenting and fervent in racing towards that finish line. Undue preoccupation and fixation with the how's, whens, and what ifs will not only derail and further distance you from your destination, but will also feed your mind with those fatal seeds of doubt that make failure inevitable"~ Awaken and Unleash your Victor
- Ogor Winnie Okoye

3. Our mission as humans is not only to discover our fullest selves in the technium, and to find full contentment, but to expand the possibilities for others. Greater technology will selfishly unleash our talents, but it will also unselfishly unleash others: our children, and all children to come.
- Kevin Kelly, What Technology Wants

2. unleash

verb. ['ənˈliːʃ'] turn loose or free from restraint.


  • loose
  • let go of
  • let loose
  • let go
  • relinquish


  • confine
  • spell
  • birth
  • block

3. unleash

verb. ['ənˈliːʃ'] release from a leash.


  • let go of
  • let go
  • relinquish


  • recall
  • freeze
  • classify
  • inactivity