1. unlabeled

adjective. ['ənˈleɪbəld'] lacking a label or tag.


  • unlabelled


  • labelled
  • tagged

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Words that Rhyme with Unlabeled

  • mislabeled
  • disabled
  • enabled
  • tabled
  • labelled
  • gabled
  • fabled
  • cabled
  • abled

Example sentences of the word unlabeled

1. Adjective
The two unlabeled wire terminals are brass and connect to the live wires.

Quotes containing the word unlabeled

1. If one unlabeled bottle holds nonfat milk, what does the second unlabeled bottle contain? If you answered “Whole milk” then you’re obviously not ready to receive a jug of my love. So I’ll just pour it in someone else’s coffee.
- Jarod Kintz, This is the best book I've ever written, and it still sucks

2. Forgetting takes space./Forgotten matters displace/as much anything else as/anything else. We must/skirt unlabeled crates/as thought it made sense/and take them when we go/to other states.
- Kay Ryan