1. unencumbered

adjective. ['ˌənɛnˈkʌmbɝd'] not burdened with cares or responsibilities.


  • unclear

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Rhymes with Unencumbered

  • outnumbered
  • numbered
  • lumbard

Sentences with unencumbered

1. Adjective
Get rid of any clutter first so you'll be unencumbered when you clean.

2. Verb, past participle
Not to mention, you can start your new life unencumbered by needless possessions.

Quotes about unencumbered

1. Easter may seem boring to children, and it is blessedly unencumbered by the silly fun that plagues Christmas. Yet it contains the one thing needful for every human life: the good news of Resurrection.
- Frederica Mathewes-Green

2. unencumbered

adjective. ['ˌənɛnˈkʌmbɝd'] free of encumbrance.


  • burdenless
  • unburdened
  • unmortgaged


  • break even
  • lose
  • indistinct
  • unclearness