1. unchanging

adjective. ['ənˈtʃeɪndʒɪŋ'] conforming to the same principles or course of action over time.


  • impermanent


  • changing (English)
  • un- (English)
  • on- (Middle English (1100-1500))

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Rhymes with Unchanging

  • shortchanging
  • prearranging
  • exchanging
  • rearranging
  • ranging
  • arranging

Sentences with unchanging

1. Adjective
A manager’s leadership style may seem to be set in concrete, hard and unchanging.

Quotes about unchanging

1. Life is neither static nor unchanging. With no individuality, there can be no change, no adaptation and, in an inherently changing world, any species unable to adapt is also doomed.
- Jean M. Auel

2. The human heart is not unchanging (nay, changes almost out of recognition in the twinkling of an eye)...
- C.S. Lewis

3. We can speak and think only of what exists. And what exists is uncreated and imperishable for it is whole and unchanging and complete. It was not or nor shall be different since it is now, all at once, one and continuous.
- Parmenides

2. unchanging

adjective. ['ənˈtʃeɪndʒɪŋ'] showing little if any change.


  • unchangeable
  • stable


  • moving
  • changelessness
  • inconstant


  • changing (English)
  • un- (English)
  • on- (Middle English (1100-1500))