1. unborn

adjective. ['ˈʌnˈbɔrn'] not yet brought into existence.


  • natural


  • born (English)
  • un- (English)
  • on- (Middle English (1100-1500))

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  • unadorn

Sentences with unborn

1. Adjective
Fetal echocardiography is used to look at an unborn baby's heart to check for heart problems.

Quotes about unborn

1. Dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows, why fret about it, if today be sweet.
- Omar Khayyám

2. Writing, the art of communicating thoughts to the mind through the eye, is the great invention of the world...enabling us to converse with the dead, the absent, and the unborn, at all distances of time and space.
- Abraham Lincoln, Speeches And Letters Of Abraham Lincoln, 1832 1865

3. The ball laughs, radiant, in the air. He brings her down, puts her to sleep, showers her with compliments, dances with her, and seeing such things never before seen his admirers pity their unborn grandchildren who will never see them.
- Eduardo Galeano