1. unbeknownst

adverb. ['ənbiːˈnoʊnst'] without someone's knowledge.


Rhymes with Unbeknownst

  • arnst
  • dienst
  • dunst
  • ernst
  • gunst
  • gutekunst
  • kinst
  • kleindienst
  • klinedinst
  • klinedinst
  • kunst

How do you pronounce unbeknownst?

Pronounce unbeknownst as ənbiˈnoʊnst.

US - How to pronounce unbeknownst in American English

UK - How to pronounce unbeknownst in British English

2. unbeknownst

adjective. ['ənbiːˈnoʊnst'] (usually used with `to') occurring or existing without the knowledge of.