1. umbra

noun. ['ˈʌmbrə'] a region of complete shadow resulting from total obstruction of light.


  • precede


  • umbra (Latin)

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Rhymes with Umbra

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Sentences with umbra

1. Noun, singular or mass
The moon can remain in the umbra for 90 minutes or more.

2. Adjective
It becomes fully visible as a copper orange-red color once it's all the way inside the umbra shadow.

Quotes about umbra

1. I believe in good and evil,"said Jem. "And I believe the soul is eternal. But I don't believe in the fiery pit, the pitchforks, or endless torment. I do not believe you can threaten people into goodness."Tessa looked at will. "What about you? What do you believe?"Pulvis et umbra sumus,"said Will, not looking at her as he spoke. "I believe we are dust and shadows. What else is there?
- Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

2. Pulvis et umbra sumus. (We are but dust and shadow.)
- Horace, The Odes of Horace: Bilingual Edition

3. Pulvis et umbra sumus. It's a line from Horace. 'We are dust and shadows'. Appropriate, don't you think?"Will said. "It's not a long life, killing demons; one tends to die young, and then they burn your body - dust to dust, in the literal sense. And then we vanish into the shadows of history, nary a mark on the page of a mundane book to remind the world that once we existed at all.
- Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel