1. umber

noun. a medium brown to dark-brown color.


  • coffee
  • brownness
  • deep brown
  • burnt umber
  • brown


  • blond
  • uncolored
  • off-white
  • blue-gray

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2. umber

noun. an earth pigment.


  • burnt umber
  • earth color


  • ebon
  • ink-black
  • bluish-gray

3. umber

adjective. of the color of any of various natural brown earth pigments.


  • achromatic color

Sentences with umber

1. Adjective
Use a light touch with only the very tip of your brush and blend the white paint down into the raw umber color around the wick.

2. Noun, singular or mass
To get a pale skin color with a peach shade, mix together about 1 tablespoon of raw sienna with 1/2 teaspoon of burnt umber.

3. Proper noun, singular
Notice, however, that mixing the dark earth tones raw umber and burnt umber to the blue pigments ultramarine, Prussian and cobalt will result in a colour that is closer to black than olive.