1. tying

noun. ['ˈtaɪɪŋ'] the act of tying or binding things together.


  • ligation
  • fastening
  • ligature


  • -ing (English)
  • -ing (Middle English (1100-1500))
  • tie (English)
  • teag (Old English (ca. 450-1100))

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Rhymes with Tying

  • indemnifying
  • semidrying
  • misapplying
  • underlying
  • overflying
  • complying
  • supplying
  • retrying
  • replying
  • overlying
  • implying
  • decrying
  • undying
  • relying
  • denying
  • defying
  • belying
  • applying
  • trying
  • spying
  • prying
  • plying
  • frying
  • flying
  • drying
  • crying
  • allying
  • vying
  • tieing
  • sighing

How do you pronounce tying?

Pronounce tying as taɪɪŋ.

US - How to pronounce tying in American English

UK - How to pronounce tying in British English

Sentences with tying

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
Attach the thread to the end by tying a knot and then snip off the extra thread.

Quotes about tying

1. People have to forgive. We don't have to like them, we don't have to be friends with them, we don't have to send them hearts in text messages, but we have to forgive them, to overlook, to forget. Because if we don't we are tying rocks to our feet, too much for our wings to carry!
- C. JoyBell C.

2. In my rush, I hadn’t tied my shoelaces. Noah was now tying them for me. He looked up at me through his dark fringe of lashes and smiled. The expression on his face melted me completely. I knew I had the goofiest grin plastered on my lips, and didn’t care. “There,” he said as he finished tying the laces on my left shoe. “Now you won’t fall.”Too late.
- Michelle Hodkin, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

3. The reassuring smile was now useless. I was plastic. Everything was veiled. Objectivity, facts, hard information--these were things only in the outline stage. There was nothing tying anything together yet, so the mind built up a defense, and the evidence was restructured, and that was what I tried to do on that morning--to restructure the evidence so it made sense--and that is what I failed at.
- Bret Easton Ellis, Lunar Park