1. tummy

noun. ['ˈtʌmi'] an enlarged and muscular saclike organ of the alimentary canal; the principal organ of digestion.


  • GI tract
  • abomasum
  • reticulum
  • arteria gastrica
  • gastric artery
  • gastric vein
  • fourth stomach
  • omasum
  • pit of the stomach
  • third stomach
  • craw
  • digestive tract
  • internal organ
  • rumen
  • alimentary tract
  • gastroepiploic vein
  • gastroomental vein
  • vena gastrica
  • viscus
  • tum
  • crop
  • second stomach
  • psalterium
  • breadbasket
  • alimentary canal
  • epigastric fossa
  • first stomach
  • vena gastroomentalis
  • stomach
  • digestive tube


  • forbid
  • disallow
  • disinclination
  • outside

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How do you pronounce tummy?

Pronounce tummy as ˈtəmi.

US - How to pronounce tummy in American English

UK - How to pronounce tummy in British English

Sentences with tummy

1. Noun, singular or mass
When an animal has an upset stomach, it is often helpful to give the tummy a break.

2. Adjective
You don't want anyone at your supper party coming away with tummy troubles or (heaven forbid!)

Quotes about tummy

1. Some think love can be measured by the amount of butterflies in their tummy. Others think love can be measured in bunches of flowers, or by using the words 'for ever.' But love can only truly be measured by actions. It can be a small thing, such as peeling an orange for a person you love because you know they don't like doing it.
- Marian Keyes

2. tummy

noun. ['ˈtʌmi'] slang for a paunch.


  • paunch
  • corporation
  • bay window
  • belly
  • potbelly