1. tribute

noun. ['ˈtrɪbjuːt'] something given or done as an expression of esteem.


  • testimonial
  • commendation


  • inactivity
  • insecurity
  • message

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Words that Rhyme with Tribute

  • contribute
  • distribute
  • paiute
  • redistribute

Example sentences of the word tribute

1. Noun, singular or mass
You can plan a benefit as a large tribute and invite friends and acquaintances of your loved one.

Quotes containing the word tribute

1. Ally."Peeta says the words slowly, tasting it. "Friend. Lover. Victor. Enemy. Fiancee. Target. Mutt. Neighbor. Hunter. Tribute. Ally. I'll add it to the list of words I use to try to figure you out. The problem is, I can't tell what's real anymore, and what's made up.
- Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay

2. What's a Proper Tribute to Robin Williams? [10w] When funnymen die is to better to laugh or cry?
- Beryl Dov

2. tribute

noun. ['ˈtrɪbjuːt'] payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence.


  • protection


  • disapprobation
  • dislike

3. tribute

noun. ['ˈtrɪbjuːt'] payment by one nation for protection by another.


  • payment
  • defrayment


  • rejection
  • cash
  • credit