1. transfixed

adjective. ['trænsˈfɪkst'] having your attention fixated as though by a spell.


  • hypnotised
  • spellbound
  • mesmerised
  • spell-bound
  • fascinated
  • enchanted
  • hypnotized


  • disillusioned
  • disabused
  • undeceived
  • sophisticated

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Rhymes with Transfixed

  • intermixed
  • betwixt
  • unmixed
  • blixt
  • affixed
  • sixed
  • nixed
  • mixte
  • mixed

Sentences with transfixed

1. Verb, past participle
Time your visit perfectly to sip tea, smell the roses and be transfixed by great art.

2. Adjective
Parents who are themselves transfixed by celebrity culture might be sending the wrong message to their children.

Quotes about transfixed

1. Dear God in heaven.” Nik and Ban turned away, but Alek stood. Transfixed. “My God, y’all. She’s the worst goddamn dancer I’ve ever seen.” “Turn away. It’ll hurt your eyes. Turn away!
- Shelly Laurenston, Here Kitty, Kitty!