1. topical

adjective. ['ˈtɑːpəkəl, ˈtɑːpɪkəl'] pertaining to the surface of a body part.


  • old

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Rhymes with Topical

  • semitropical
  • tropical

How do you pronounce topical?

Pronounce topical as ˈtɑpɪkəl.

US - How to pronounce topical in American English

UK - How to pronounce topical in British English

Sentences with topical

1. Adjective
You can deal with this issue with topical medications purchased from the pet shop.

Quotes about topical

1. The comics that are just conversing with you up there and drawing on their own life, yeah, I guess so. I guess some do political humor, some do topical humor, but the ones that I like, the ones that are appealing to me, were guys who were just talking to you about their life.
- Ray Romano

2. topical

adjective. ['ˈtɑːpəkəl, ˈtɑːpɪkəl'] of interest at the present time.


  • express