1. thrift

noun. ['ˈθrɪft'] extreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money unnecessarily.


  • penny-pinching
  • frugality
  • parsimony
  • parsimoniousness


  • generous
  • generosity


  • þrift (Old Norse)

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Rhymes with Thrift

  • fork-lift
  • adrift
  • swift
  • stiffed
  • sniffed
  • shrift
  • drift
  • clift
  • tift
  • tifft
  • sift
  • shift
  • riffed
  • miffed
  • lift
  • gift

Sentences with thrift

1. Noun, singular or mass
You can upcycle an old thrift store blanket into a beautiful clutch in under an hour.

Quotes about thrift

1. It almost seemed as if there must be some random and of course unfair thrift in the emotional housekeeping of the world, if the great happiness--however temporary, however flimsy--of one person could come out of the great unhappiness of another.
- Alice Munro, Too Much Happiness

2. Nobody in Colonial America, to be sure, believed that society owed every child the ultimate in education, but intelligence, industry, and thrift combined with ambition got many a poor man's son into the colonial colleges.
- Louis B. Wright

2. thrift

noun. ['ˈθrɪft'] any of numerous sun-loving low-growing evergreens of the genus Armeria having round heads of pink or white flowers.


  • subshrub
  • sea pink
  • suffrutex
  • cliff rose
  • Armeria
  • genus Armeria


  • þrift (Old Norse)