1. thermal

adjective. ['ˈθɝːməl'] relating to or associated with heat.


  • caloric


  • uncoil
  • stay in place

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Rhymes with Thermal

  • mesodermal
  • endodermal
  • epidermal
  • turmel
  • kurmel
  • dermal
  • bermel

Sentences with thermal

1. Adjective
Turn the pressure washer off and allow the motor to cool if the thermal safety switch trips.

2. Noun, singular or mass
New Power Wheels models have a built-in thermal fuse to keep the car battery from overheating during use.

Quotes about thermal

1. Economics was like psychology, a pseudoscience trying to hide that fact with intense theoretical hyperelaboration. And gross domestic product was one of those unfortunate measurement concepts, like inches or the British thermal unit, that ought to have been retired long before.
- Kim Stanley Robinson, Blue Mars

2. thermal

noun. ['ˈθɝːməl'] rising current of warm air.


  • air current
  • current of air


  • untwine
  • cool
  • unemotionality

3. thermal

adjective. ['ˈθɝːməl'] caused by or designed to retain heat.


  • unwind