1. theorize

verb. ['ˈθiːɝˌaɪz'] to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds.


  • speculate
  • conjecture
  • hypothesize
  • suppose
  • retrace
  • formulate
  • hypothesise
  • reconstruct
  • theorise
  • explicate
  • construct
  • expect
  • anticipate
  • hypothecate


  • compress
  • obfuscate
  • misconception
  • level

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Rhymes with Theorize

  • accessorize
  • authorize
  • demilitarize
  • depressurize
  • familiarize
  • reauthorize
  • rubberize
  • satirize
  • summarize
  • temporize
  • terrorize

Sentences with theorize

1. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
They theorize that employees will be more discerning with an outsider because they're hearing a different perspective.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Some theorize that the story may even be true, if the cane was made of willow.

Quotes about theorize

1. Relationships take up energy; letting go of them, psychiatrists theorize, entails mental work. When you lose someone you were close to, you have to reassess your picture of the world and your place in it. The more your identity was wrapped up with the deceased, the more difficult the loss.
- Meghan O'Rourke

2. theorize

verb. ['ˈθiːɝˌaɪz'] construct a theory about.


  • worsen

3. theorize

verb. ['ˈθiːɝˌaɪz'] form or construct theories.


  • dedifferentiate