1. terminated

adjective. ['ˈtɝːməˌneɪtəd, ˈtɝːməˌneɪtɪd'] having come or been brought to a conclusion.


  • finished
  • complete
  • concluded
  • ended
  • all over


  • unprocessed
  • rough
  • preserved
  • unpolished

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Rhymes with Terminated

  • germinated

Sentences with terminated

1. Verb, past participle
Even then, it's only the obligation to pay future child support that's terminated.

Quotes about terminated

1. If you fail to report within the next 12 hours. you will be terminated. If you attack any humans, you will be terminated. If you attempt to remove the tracking device, you will be terminated. We look forward to working with you.
- Kiersten White, Paranormalcy

2. terminated

adjective. ['ˈtɝːməˌneɪtəd, ˈtɝːməˌneɪtɪd'] (of e.g. a contract or term of office) having come to an end.


  • unpainted