1. teff

noun. an African grass economically important as a cereal grass (yielding white flour of good quality) as well as for forage and hay.


  • Eragrostic abyssinica
  • Eragrostis tef
  • love grass
  • bay grass


  • ጤፍ (Amharic)

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Sentences with teff

1. Noun, singular or mass
Native to Africa, tiny teff seeds cook quickly into a light, nutty-tasting dish or are ground into flour.

2. Verb, base form
In addition to the aforementioned high-protein nonwheat flours, amaranth flour, spelt flour, chickpea flour and teff flour all make capable additions to the nonwheat-flour combination.

3. Adjective
Made with teff flour, a short fermentation period gives the bread its distinctive sour taste.

4. Existential there
If soil is moderately fertile, teff usually doesn't need fertilizer.