1. Tantra

noun. doctrine of enlightenment as the realization of the oneness of one's self and the visible world; combines elements of Hinduism and paganism including magical and mystical elements like mantras and mudras and erotic rites; especially influential in Tibet.


  • Tantrism

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2. tantra

noun. any of a fairly recent class of Hindu or Buddhist religious literature concerned with ritual acts of body and speech and mind.


  • तन्त्र (Sanskrit)

Sentences with tantra

1. Adjective
The goal of the tantra massage therapist is to awaken the seven chakras, or energy centers, along the spine of the body in an effort to nudge the sleeping Kundalini from its rest.

Noun, singular or mass
Choose a professional
tantra** therapist who has a solid, professional reputation to teach you and your partner the correct way to perform tantra massage on one another to fully experience the benefits of this ancient healing art.