1. talented

adjective. ['ˈtæləntəd, ˈtæləntɪd'] endowed with talent or talents.


  • talentless

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Rhymes with Talented

  • abated
  • abbreviated
  • abducted
  • abducted
  • abetted
  • abrogated
  • abstracted
  • accelerated
  • accented
  • accentuated
  • acclimated
  • accredited
  • accreted
  • accumulated
  • acquainted
  • acquitted
  • acted
  • activated
  • adapted
  • addicted

Sentences with talented

1. Adjective
Hire a talented artist to design your CD cover art.

2. Verb, past participle
This highly skilled and talented professional helps your diners select a wine that pairs perfectly with their meal.

Quotes about talented

1. If you want to achieve things in life, you've just got to do them, and if you're talented and smart, you'll succeed.
- Juliana Hatfield

2. I think there are those individuals who are intimidated by really smart, talented people. But for me, surrounding yourself with great talent is the key to success.
- Monika Chiang

3. I'm inspired by artists and musicians. There are so many wonderful and talented people in the world. I love discovering new music, new writers, or new art.
- Alicia Keys