1. symbolic

adjective. ['sɪmˈbɑːlɪk'] serving as a visible symbol for something abstract.


  • representative
  • emblematical
  • emblematic


  • atypical
  • undemocratic
  • unsymbolic

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Sentences with symbolic

1. Adjective
In this poem the lilac is used in a symbolic trinity with a star and and a thrush.

Quotes about symbolic

1. When my dad founded our church, he used either a globe or a map of the world behind him. It was symbolic of what Christ said: to go forth and preach hope to the world. We believe in the cross, but we just continued with the globe.
- Joel Osteen

2. Alphabet: a symbolic system used in algebra, with applications that have yet to be discovered by dyslexics and two thirds of college graduates.
- Bauvard, Some Inspiration for the Overenthusiastic

3. It is this mythical, or rather symbolic, content of the religious traditions which is likely to come into conflict with science. This occurs whenever this religious stock of ideas contains dogmatically fixed statements on subjects which belong in the domain of science.
- Albert Einstein

2. symbolic

adjective. ['sɪmˈbɑːlɪk'] relating to or using or proceeding by means of symbols.