1. swordfish

noun. ['ˈsɔrdˌfɪʃ'] flesh of swordfish usually served as steaks.


  • Xiphias gladius

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Sentences with swordfish

1. Noun, singular or mass
The best are fish with high levels of natural oils, such as salmon, mackerel and swordfish.

2. Adjective
You'll never order tilapia and get swordfish, he says.

2. swordfish

noun. ['ˈsɔrdˌfɪʃ'] large toothless marine food fish with a long swordlike upper jaw; not completely cold-blooded i.e. they are able to warm their brains and eyes: worldwide in warm waters but feed on cold ocean floor coming to surface at night.


  • Xiphias
  • scombroid
  • genus Xiphias
  • Xiphias gladius