1. surfing

noun. ['ˈsɝːfɪŋ'] the sport of riding a surfboard toward the shore on the crest of a wave.


  • surfriding
  • aquatics
  • water sport

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Rhymes with Surfing

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Sentences with surfing

1. Noun, singular or mass
The city added the second site at the request of the surfing and body boarding community.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
Rockaway Beach has the only body boarding and surfing sites in New York City.

Quotes about surfing

1. In our fast-forward culture, we have lost the art of eating well. Food is often little more than fuel to pour down the hatch while doing other stuff - surfing the Web, driving, walking along the street. Dining al desko is now the norm in many workplaces. All of this speed takes a toll. Obesity, eating disorders and poor nutrition are rife.
- Carl Honore

2. I love kite surfing and mountain bike riding. It's kind of interesting; my kite surfing ability has probably deteriorated with the rate of Kaggle's success.
- Anthony Goldbloom