1. superstitious

adjective. ['ˌsuːpɝˈstɪʃəs'] showing ignorance of the laws of nature and faith in magic or chance.


  • reasonable


  • superstitieux (Old French (842-ca. 1400))
  • superstitiosus (Latin)

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Rhymes with Superstitious

  • expeditious
  • surreptitious
  • repetitious
  • injudicious
  • suspicious
  • propitious
  • nutritious
  • fictitious
  • factitious
  • capricious
  • seditious
  • pernicious
  • malicious
  • judicious
  • delicious
  • auspicious
  • ambitious
  • vicious

Sentences with superstitious

1. Adjective
Have a shower too early, and you may feel superstitious about something happening to the baby.

Quotes about superstitious

1. Religion is still useful among the herd - that it helps their orderly conduct as nothing else could. The crude human animal is in-eradicably superstitious, and there is every biological reason why they should be. Take away his Christian god and saints, and he will worship something else...
- H.P. Lovecraft

2. I’m not superstitious. I’m a witch. Witches aren’t superstitious. We are what people are superstitious of.
- Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith