1. supercharged

adjective. ['ˌsuːpɝˈtʃɑːrdʒd'] (of e.g. an engine) having the power increased by fitting with a supercharger.


  • unprovocative

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Rhymes with Supercharged

  • overcharged
  • mischarged
  • discharged
  • recharged
  • enlarged
  • barged

Sentences with supercharged

1. Verb, past participle
Top Fuel dragsters use supercharged, nitro-burning engines instead of gasoline to power the engine.

2. Adjective
The engine was a 7,000-horsepower supercharged 500-cubic-inch Ford V-8.

3. Verb, past tense
This supercharged model became the SS trim.

2. supercharged

adjective. ['ˌsuːpɝˈtʃɑːrdʒd'] fraught with great emotion.


  • emotional


  • uncharged
  • noneffervescent