1. suicidal

adjective. ['ˌsuːəˈsaɪdəl'] dangerous to yourself or your interests.


  • unsafe
  • dangerous


  • invulnerable
  • secure
  • protected

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Rhymes with Suicidal

  • intertidal
  • homicidal
  • steidel
  • spidle
  • speidel
  • freidel
  • bridle
  • bridal
  • weidel
  • tidal
  • sidle
  • sidell
  • seidl
  • seidell
  • seidel
  • scheidel
  • reidel
  • lydall
  • keidel
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  • idyll
  • idol
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Sentences with suicidal

1. Adjective
Eventually they will become suicidal and kill themselves.

Quotes about suicidal

1. Well, darkness with humor... I'm not an extremely suicidal or sad person.
- Peter Steele

2. After a long, labored sigh, I said, “She was really happy when I got there. I’m pretty sure she was suicidal when I left.”“You do have that effect on people.
- Darynda Jones, Third Grave Dead Ahead

3. With the arrival of electric technology, man has extended, or set outside himself, a live model of the central nervous system itself. To the degree that this is so, it is a development that suggests a desperate suicidal autoamputation, as if the central nervous system could no longer depend on the physical organs to be protective buffers against the slings and arrows of outrageous mechanism.
- Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media: The Extensions Of Man