1. subjective

adjective. ['səbˈdʒɛktɪv'] taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias.


  • unverifiable
  • unobjective
  • personal


  • public
  • impersonal
  • mental
  • collective

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Rhymes with Subjective

  • retrospective
  • introspective
  • anti-infective
  • prospective
  • irrespective
  • respective
  • reflective
  • projective
  • perspective
  • ineffective
  • convective
  • selective
  • protective
  • objective
  • invective
  • infective
  • directive
  • detective
  • defective
  • connective
  • collective
  • elective
  • effective
  • corrective
  • affective

Sentences with subjective

1. Adjective
Write in first person from your own subjective experience.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Whatever the purpose, good subjective essays have several elements in common.

Quotes about subjective

1. For thousands of years, human beings have been obsessed with beauty, truth, love, honor, altruism, courage, social relationships, art, and God. They all go together as subjective experiences, and it's a straw man to set God up as the delusion. If he is, then so is truth itself or beauty itself.
- Deepak Chopra

2. I was an awful critic. I operated on the assumption that there was an absolute scale of values against which art could be measured. I didn't trust my own subjective responses.
- Tom Stoppard

3. Art and life are subjective. Not everybody's gonna dig what I dig, but I reserve the right to dig it.
- Whoopi Goldberg

2. subjective

adjective. ['səbˈdʒɛktɪv'] of a mental act performed entirely within the mind.


  • unprejudiced