1. structured

adjective. ['ˈstrʌktʃɝd'] having definite and highly organized structure.


  • unorganized

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Words that Rhyme with Structured

  • butchered
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  • caricatured
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  • enraptured
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  • remanufactured
  • restructured
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Example sentences of the word structured

1. Verb, past participle
Liability insurance is structured around the possibility that someone may sue a business for negligence.

2. Adjective
Crafting furniture from tree limbs is an art, not a structured science.

Quotes containing the word structured

1. I was pretty much a child of 'Monty Python.' I grew up loving that type of humor and even structured a lot of humor in the same fashion.
- Michael Jai White

2. Spell is a structured words that creates miracles in mind.
- Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

2. structured

adjective. ['ˈstrʌktʃɝd'] resembling a living organism in organization or development.


  • integrated


  • inessential
  • unhealthful