1. straying

adjective. ['ˈstreɪɪŋ'] unable to find your way.


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Words that Rhyme with Straying

  • portraying
  • overplaying
  • displaying
  • disobeying
  • replaying
  • prepaying
  • nonpaying
  • doomsaying
  • dismaying
  • crocheting
  • conveying
  • betraying
  • surveying
  • spraying
  • repaying
  • purveying
  • delaying
  • decaying
  • buffeting
  • swaying
  • staying
  • slaying
  • preying
  • praying
  • playing
  • obeying
  • greying
  • graying
  • fraying
  • allaying

Example sentences of the word straying

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
Perhaps the relationship had issues before the infidelity, but that is no excuse for straying.

2. Noun, singular or mass
It might also occur when the straying spouse used marital money and assets to shower gifts on her paramour.

Quotes containing the word straying

1. Who would have thought that a tap-dancing penguin would outpoint James Bond at the box office? And deserve to? Not that there's anything wrong with 'Casino Royale.' But 'Happy Feet' - written and directed by George Miller - is a complete charmer, even if, in the way of most family fare, it can't resist straying into the Inspirational.
- Robert Gottlieb

2. Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.
- Lenny Bruce

3. The young student sits with his head bent over his books, and his mind straying in youth's dreamland; where prose is prowling on the desk and poetry hiding in the heart.
- Rabindranath Tagore, Lover's Gift