1. starlight

noun. ['ˈstɑːrˌlaɪt'] the light of the stars.


  • visible radiation
  • light


  • bright
  • dull
  • dullness

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Rhymes with Starlight

  • acolyte
  • backlight
  • calite
  • calite
  • candlelight
  • carmelite
  • cryolite
  • daylight
  • flashlight
  • floodlight
  • footlight
  • genlyte
  • headlight
  • highlight
  • impolite
  • inflight
  • israelite
  • lazulite
  • limelight
  • mandalite

How do you pronounce starlight?

Pronounce starlight as ˈstɑˌrlaɪt.

US - How to pronounce starlight in American English

UK - How to pronounce starlight in British English

Sentences with starlight

1. Noun, singular or mass
On clear nights a dazzling display of starlight is visible, thanks to the lack of light pollution this far out at sea.

2. Adjective
Sightseeing cruises, buffet lunch and cruises and starlight dinner buffet cruises are available regularly, as well as occasional themed cruises such as the murder mystery cruise.