1. stamper

noun. ['ˈstæmpɝ'] someone who walks with a heavy noisy gait or who stamps on the ground.


  • stomper
  • pedestrian
  • walker
  • tramper
  • trampler

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Rhymes with Stamper

  • scamper
  • sampre
  • samper
  • pamper
  • kamper
  • hamper
  • gamper
  • damper
  • camper

Sentences with stamper

1. Noun, singular or mass
Hold the stamper upside down so that the impression is facing up.

2. Adjective
Reassemble the stamper cover or slide the ink pad back in place.

2. stamper

noun. ['ˈstæmpɝ'] a power tool that stamps.


  • stamping machine


  • interesting
  • good person

3. stamper

noun. ['ˈstæmpɝ'] a workman whose job is to form or cut out by applying a mold or die (either by hand or by operating a stamping machine).


  • workingman
  • working man
  • workman