1. sparkly

adjective. ['ˈspɑːrkli'] marked by high spirits or excitement.


  • lively
  • frothy
  • scintillating
  • bubbling


  • unreverberant
  • dark
  • inglorious
  • dimmed

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Words that Rhyme with Sparkly

  • starkly
  • markley
  • darkly
  • barkley
  • barkeley

Example sentences of the word sparkly

1. Adjective
If there’s too much glue, it will dull the sparkly effect of the rhinestones.

2. Adverb
Arrange sparkly trim on this side of the belt in any pattern you desire.

Quotes containing the word sparkly

1. Stephenie Meyer: Her vampires are sparkly, which I think we can all agree is wrong.
- Christopher Moore

2. I am a man, and men do not drink pink drinks. Now, be gone, woman, and fetch me something brown."Jace said. "Brown?"said Isabelle."Yes. Brown. It's a manly color. See? Alec is wearing it."Jace said."Well, it was black but it faded."Alec said."Well, I can always fix it up with something sparkly,"Magnus said, holding a sparkley headband. "Resist the urge, Alec, resist the urge."Simon said.
- Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

3. Silver knives! Painful and sometimes deadly to all paranormals!''Tasey!' I counterd 'Hot pink and sparkly!
- Kiersten White

2. sparkly

adjective. ['ˈspɑːrkli'] having brief brilliant points or flashes of light.


  • aglitter
  • glistering
  • glinting
  • fulgid
  • glittery
  • bright
  • scintillating
  • scintillant
  • coruscant


  • unpolished
  • colorless
  • inauspicious
  • unintelligent