1. soundtrack

noun. ['ˈsaʊndˌtræk, ˈsaʊnˌtræk'] sound recording on a narrow strip of a motion picture film.


  • sound film
  • audio
  • laugh track
  • dubbing
  • sound recording

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Rhymes with Soundtrack

  • amtrack
  • backtrack
  • computrac
  • nordictrack
  • poltrack
  • racetrack
  • sidetrack
  • soundtrack
  • wisecrack

Sentences with soundtrack

1. Noun, singular or mass
A soundtrack can make jump scares more scary, and they set the mood for the entire film.

Quotes about soundtrack

1. Music is as integral to me as my own DNA. My life has become a continual soundtrack, with music underscoring the most powerful and even the most banal moments of my life.
- Danielle de Niese

2. Did he just rip out the engine?"I asked."Yes", Saiman said. "And now he is demolishing the Maserati with it."Ten seconds later Curran hurled the twisted wreck of black and orange that used to be the Maserati into the wall.The first melodic notes of an old song came from the computer. I glanced at Saiman.He shrugged. "It begged for a soundtrack.
- Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays