1. somber

adjective. ['ˈsɑːmbɝ'] lacking brightness or color; dull.


  • sombre
  • drab
  • sober
  • colorless


  • intoxicated
  • frivolous
  • playful
  • happy


  • sombre (French)
  • sombra (Spanish)

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Rhymes with Somber

  • mcomber
  • macomber

How do you pronounce somber?

Pronounce somber as ˈsɑmbər.

US - How to pronounce somber in American English

UK - How to pronounce somber in British English

Sentences with somber

1. Adjective
It stands as a somber symbol to world peace on the spot over which the bomb went off.

2. Verb, base form
Sometimes an introduction may be somber if the subject matter of the play calls for a more serious tone.

Quotes about somber

1. My stories are very somber, so I think I need the comic ingredient. Besides, life has so much humor.
- Manuel Puig

2. There is a collective as well as an individual humor inclining peoples to sadness or cheerfulness, making them see things in bright or somber lights. In fact, only society can pass a collective opinion on the value of human life; for this the individual is incompetent.
- Emile Durkheim

2. somber

adjective. ['ˈsɑːmbɝ'] grave or even gloomy in character.


  • uncheerful
  • melancholy
  • cheerless
  • depressing


  • chromatic
  • colourful
  • lively
  • achromatic


  • sombre (French)
  • sombra (Spanish)