1. snail

noun. ['ˈsneɪl'] freshwater or marine or terrestrial gastropod mollusk usually having an external enclosing spiral shell.


  • Helix pomatia
  • scorpion shell
  • edible snail
  • gastropod
  • garden snail


  • give
  • undue
  • diverge
  • decrease

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Sentences with snail

1. Noun, singular or mass
It can hold gravel and pond water with small pond creatures and perhaps a snail.

2. Adjective
You can also fill out an application and send it in via snail mail.

Quotes about snail

1. I wrote you a love letter, and I sent it snail mail. Love is forever, and that’s about how long it’ll take to get to you.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

2. Uncontradicting solitudeSupports me on its giant palm;And like a sea-anemoneOr simple snail, there cautiouslyUnfolds, emerges, what I am.
- Philip Larkin, Collected Poems

3. Geography is the key, the crucial accident of birth. A piece of protein could be a snail, a sea lion, or a systems analyst, but it had to start somewhere. This is not science; it is merely metaphor. And the landscape in which the protein "starts"shapes its end as surely as bowls shape water.
- Annie Dillard, Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and Encounters

2. snail-flower

noun. perennial tropical American vine cultivated for its racemes of showy yellow and purple flowers having the corolla keel coiled like a snail shell; sometimes placed in genus Phaseolus.


  • Phaseolus caracalla
  • snailflower
  • leguminous plant
  • Vigna
  • Vigna caracalla
  • legume
  • snail bean
  • snail flower
  • genus Vigna

3. snail

verb. ['ˈsneɪl'] gather snails.


  • collect
  • gather
  • garner
  • pull together


  • oleo
  • tahini
  • hummus
  • pate

4. snail

noun. ['ˈsneɪl'] edible terrestrial snail usually served in the shell with a sauce of melted butter and garlic.


  • Helix pomatia
  • escargot
  • edible snail


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  • marge
  • tapenade
  • marshmallow fluff