1. smiley

noun. ['ˈsmaɪli'] an emoticon of a smiling face.

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Words that Rhyme with Smiley

  • slyly
  • oriley
  • o'riley
  • o'reilly
  • dryly
  • bliley
  • wyly
  • wylie
  • wryly
  • wily
  • wiley
  • tylee
  • tiley
  • shyly
  • ryley
  • riley
  • reilly
  • kiley
  • highly
  • highley
  • haile
  • eiley

How do you spell smiley? Is it smily ?

A common misspelling of smiley is smily

Example sentences of the word smiley

1. Adjective
Drawing a heart or adding a smiley face can speak volumes without writing a single word.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Sometimes you may want to take your smiley faces to the next level.

Quotes containing the word smiley

1. Learn from Children [10w] Children picture God as a smiley sun emanating love light.
- Beryl Dov