1. slugger

noun. ['ˈslʌgɝ'] (baseball) a ballplayer who is batting.


  • ballplayer
  • batsman
  • switch-hitter
  • baseball player
  • hitter
  • bunter
  • pinch hitter
  • whiffer
  • designated hitter

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Rhymes with Slugger

  • brugger
  • mugger
  • hugger
  • dugger
  • duggar
  • bugger

2. slugger

noun. ['ˈslʌgɝ'] a boxer noted for an ability to deliver hard punches.


  • pugilist
  • slogger

Sentences with slugger

1. Noun, singular or mass
Reggie Jackson, a baseball slugger for the Yankees with an enormously high opinion of himself, thought the Baby Ruth candy bar was named after Babe Ruth.