1. sitcom

noun. ['ˈsɪtˌkɑːm'] a humorous television program based on situations that could arise in everyday life.


  • TV program
  • television show
  • situation comedy
  • TV show


  • famine
  • disaster
  • meltdown
  • apocalypse

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Example sentences of the word sitcom

1. Noun, singular or mass
The laugh track is viewed as the hallmark of the sitcom.

2. Verb, base form
A recent addition to sitcom humor is the flashback.

Quotes containing the word sitcom

1. I'd like to explore the more abstract side of people's minds, as opposed to the usual sitcom stuff. I don't want to do the typical sitcom-type humor. I'd want to do stuff like go bowling with pineapples.
- Harland Williams

2. I don't think I could ever do a network sitcom because the humor is often based on some trite circumstance. I don't want to be a part of a show where it's mostly about coming up with the jokes.
- Sherilyn Fenn

3. The humor is essentially dark for a cartoon and sophisticated. But at the same time, being a cartoon gives the writers more freedom than in a normal sitcom. It always pushes the line that, despite human failings, the Simpsons are really decent people.
- Dan Castellaneta

2. sitcom

noun. ['ˈsɪtˌkɑːm'] a humorous drama based on situations that might arise in day-to-day life.


  • situation comedy


  • misfortune
  • unavoidable casualty