1. sisal

noun. a plant fiber used for making rope.


  • sisal hemp
  • plant fibre
  • plant fiber

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2. sisal

noun. Mexican or West Indian plant with large fleshy leaves yielding a stiff fiber used in e.g. rope.


  • genus Agave
  • century plant
  • American aloe
  • Agave sisalana

Sentences with sisal

1. Noun, singular or mass
Wrap the sisal rope tightly around the post, gluing it in place every third side for a square post or every six inches for a round post.

2. Adjective
Squeeze a thick line of hot glue across the bottom of the post and press the sisal rope firmly to the glue until it cools.

3. Noun, plural
There are also several sisal rope scratching poles for variety.

4. Verb, base form
From jute to sisal to seagrass or hemp, they impart a fabulous earthy texture to a space and offer lasting durability, among other advantages.