1. shattering

adjective. ['ˈʃætɝɪŋ'] seemingly loud enough to break something; violently rattling or clattering.


  • keep quiet

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Words that Rhyme with Shattering

  • unflattering
  • spattering
  • smattering
  • scattering
  • flattering
  • clattering
  • nattering
  • chattering
  • battering

Example sentences of the word shattering

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
If you try to pull the bulb out by the glass, you risk shattering it.

2. Noun, singular or mass
When it breaks, it shatters—and is unlikely to leak or crack before shattering.

Quotes containing the word shattering

1. First bubble baths. Now Disney parks. You're shattering every creep vampire myth I've ever heard.
- Jeaniene Frost, Eternal Kiss of Darkness

2. Sometimes the best of gods gift's arrive by the shattering of all the window panes.
- Paulo Coelho, Brida

3. But that did not stop her heart from shattering into countless pieces or her soul from shredding into slivers.
- Farrah Naseem

2. world-shattering

adjective. sufficiently significant to affect the whole world.


  • world-shaking
  • significant
  • earthshaking


  • worthless
  • inessential
  • unimportant
  • unimportance

3. shattering

noun. ['ˈʃætɝɪŋ'] the act of breaking something into small pieces.


  • breaking
  • break
  • smashing


  • stay
  • unify
  • keep
  • respect