1. sensuality

noun. ['ˌsɛnˌʃuːˈæləˌtiː'] desire for sensual pleasures.


  • sensualness
  • physical attraction
  • eros
  • sensualism
  • concupiscence


  • anaphrodisia

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Rhymes with Sensuality

  • extraterritoriality
  • homosexuality
  • confidentiality
  • spirituality
  • municipality
  • dimensionality
  • universality
  • theatricality
  • practicality
  • impersonality
  • congeniality
  • bisexuality
  • musicality
  • irrationality
  • hospitality
  • criticality
  • abnormality
  • triviality
  • sexuality
  • partiality
  • nationality
  • commonality
  • actuality
  • unreality
  • normality
  • neutrality
  • mortality
  • mentality
  • liberality
  • geniality

Sentences with sensuality

1. Noun, singular or mass
The scent of white lilacs also brings about an enhanced feeling of sensuality.

Quotes about sensuality

1. The spiritualization of sensuality is called love: it is a great triumph over Christianity.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

2. Sensuality often hastens the "Growth of Love"so much that the roots remain weak and are easily torn up.
- Friedrich Nietzsche, The Portable Nietzsche

3. But what of faith? What of fidelity and loyalty? Complete trust? Faith is not granted by tangible proof. It comes from the heart and the soul. If a person needs proof of god's existence, then the very notion of spirituality is diminished into sensuality and we have reduced what is holy into what is logical.-Drizzt Do'urden
- R.A. Salvatore, Siege of Darkness