1. semiarid

adjective. somewhat arid.


  • dryness


  • arid (English)
  • semi- (English)
  • semi- (Latin)

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Sentences with semiarid

1. Adjective
The country stretches from semiarid Sahel savanna in the north to tropical forest with 60 inches of annual precipitation in the south, and from wooded hills in the southeast to mangrove-lined estuaries on the Atlantic coast.

2. Noun, plural
More than 40 percent of land on Earth is covered in these semiarid, virtually treeless landscapes.

3. Verb, base form
Eucalypts may be found in most environments on the continent, from snowy to semiarid regions, with the exclusion of tropical rain forests.The Eucalyptus family has proven to be a valuable resource and has spread across the globe.