1. Sellers

noun. English comic actor (1925-1980).

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Rhymes with Sellers

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  • bookcellars
  • spellers
  • dwellers
  • zellers
  • zellars
  • tellers
  • teller's
  • seller's
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Sentences with sellers

1. Noun, plural
Buyers and sellers pay the costs of their own attorneys.

Quotes about sellers

1. I loved Peter Sellers. I thought he was the perfect mix of physical comedy with out-of-the-box humor. I loved his tone; I loved his physicality; I loved everything about what he was doing as a comedic actor.
- J. B. Smoove

2. Read everything. Read fiction and non-fiction, read hot best sellers and the classics you never got around to in college.
- Jennifer Weiner

2. sellers'_market

noun. a market in which more people want to buy than want to sell.


  • seller's market
  • market place
  • market