1. seabird

noun. a bird that frequents coastal waters and the open ocean: gulls; pelicans; gannets; cormorants; albatrosses; petrels; etc..


  • oceanic bird
  • pelecaniform seabird
  • puffin
  • auk
  • coastal diving bird
  • pelagic bird
  • podicipitiform seabird
  • seafowl
  • gaviiform seabird
  • sphenisciform seabird
  • aquatic bird


  • bird (English)
  • brid (Middle English (1100-1500))
  • sea (English)
  • see (Middle English (1100-1500))

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Sentences with seabird

1. Noun, singular or mass
Petrels are another seabird found in great numbers in the Antarctic and eat carrion along with fish and mollusks.

2. Adjective
For more birdwatching, include the seabird colonies on Shetland at Jarishof, which is also an excellent prehistoric site.