1. scruffy

adjective. ['ˈskrʌfi'] shabby and untidy.


  • worn


  • seedless
  • well

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Rhymes with Scruffy

  • mcduffy
  • mcduffie
  • mcduffee
  • mcguffie
  • mcguffey
  • mcguffee
  • stuffy
  • fluffy
  • toughie
  • puffy
  • muffy
  • huffy
  • guffy
  • guffey
  • duffy
  • duffie
  • duffey
  • duffee
  • buffy

How do you pronounce scruffy?

Pronounce scruffy as ˈskrəfi.

US - How to pronounce scruffy in American English

UK - How to pronounce scruffy in British English

Sentences with scruffy

1. Adjective
Dogs with canine lice will scratch excessively, appear unusually scruffy and may experience hair loss.

2. Verb, base form
Dark, heavy denim doesn't really belong in a Miami-bound suitcase, nor do scruffy cut-off shorts.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Trust a groomer to trim him up, including his face and feet, whenever he starts looking scruffy.