1. scowl

verb. ['ˈskaʊl'] frown with displeasure.


  • lower
  • lour
  • glower

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Rhymes with Scowl

  • sprowl
  • sproul
  • prowl
  • growl
  • crowle
  • crowl
  • afoul
  • towle
  • towel
  • soule
  • raul
  • moul
  • jowl
  • howl
  • houle
  • fowl
  • foul
  • coull

How do you pronounce scowl?

Pronounce scowl as skaʊl.

US - How to pronounce scowl in American English

UK - How to pronounce scowl in British English

Sentences with scowl

1. Noun, singular or mass
If you notice that you have slumped down or adopted a scowl, correct yourself.

2. Verb, base form
“I’m thirsty, I’m not dirty,” he would scowl.

Quotes about scowl

1. They (religions) dread the advance of science as witches do the approach of daylight and scowl on the fatal harbinger announcing the subversions of the duperies on which they live.
- Thomas Jefferson

2. scowl

noun. ['ˈskaʊl'] a facial expression of dislike or displeasure.


  • facial gesture
  • frown


  • ascend
  • rise
  • increase