1. sandstone

noun. ['ˈsændˌstoʊn, ˈsænˌstoʊn'] a sedimentary rock consisting of sand consolidated with some cement (clay or quartz etc.).


  • firestone
  • brownstone
  • gritstone
  • greensand
  • siltstone
  • holystone
  • grit
  • bluestone
  • gritrock

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Rhymes with Sandstone

  • acetone
  • baritone
  • blackstone
  • bloodstone
  • bluestone
  • blystone
  • bridgestone
  • brookstone
  • brownstone
  • capstone
  • cherrystone
  • cobblestone
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  • curbstone
  • dialtone
  • dialtone
  • executone
  • eyestone
  • featherstone

How do you pronounce sandstone?

Pronounce sandstone as ˈsænˌstoʊn.

US - How to pronounce sandstone in American English

UK - How to pronounce sandstone in British English

Sentences with sandstone

1. Noun, singular or mass
Continue to pound the sandstone until all the pieces are ground down to the size you desire.

Quotes about sandstone

1. Arches National Park, Utah BloodshotZiggurats of rock against unbending sky,sandstone fins and eyes of ancient earth behemoth.Your windows wedged by cosmic hands of rain and melting snow, of frost and ice, of gravity and geologic time, patient and untiring,self-possessed like a child's perception of endless summer.
- Beryl Dov