Salivate Past Tense

The past tense of Salivate is salivated.

1. salivate

verb. ['ˈsæləˌveɪt'] produce saliva.


  • salivatus (Latin)

Rhymes with Salivate

  • activate
  • aggravate
  • captivate
  • cultivate
  • deactivate
  • elevate
  • excavate
  • inactivate
  • innovate
  • innovate
  • motivate
  • reactivate
  • renovate

How do you pronounce salivate?

Pronounce salivate as ˈsæləˌveɪt.

US - How to pronounce salivate in American English

UK - How to pronounce salivate in British English

2. salivate

verb. ['ˈsæləˌveɪt'] be envious, desirous, eager for, or extremely happy about something.



  • salivatus (Latin)