1. salary

noun. ['ˈsælɝi'] something that remunerates.


  • wage
  • pay
  • living wage
  • combat pay
  • take-home pay
  • found
  • half-pay
  • minimum wage
  • sick pay
  • strike pay
  • merit pay
  • paysheet
  • payroll
  • pay envelope
  • pay packet
  • double time
  • regular payment
  • remuneration


  • pay cash
  • charge
  • underpay
  • overpay


  • salarium (Latin)
  • sal (Latin)

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How do you spell salary? Is it salery ?

A common misspelling of salary is salery

Sentences with salary

1. Noun, singular or mass
If possible, get a contract that stipulates the maximum hours you are willing to work for your salary.

2. Adjective
As of 2010, shows a juvenile justice attorney's annual salary ranges between £48,737 and £106,158.

Quotes about salary

1. After I won the Oscar, my salary doubled, my friends tripled, my children became more popular at school, my butcher made a pass at me, and my maid hit me up for a raise.
- Shirley Jones

2. How can a person deal with anxiety? You might try what one fellow did. He worried so much that he decided to hire someone to do his worrying for him. He found a man who agreed to be his hired worrier for a salary of $200,000 per year. After the man accepted the job, his first question to his boss was, "Where are you going to get $200,000 per year?"To which the man responded, "That's your worry.
- Max Lucado

3. If doctors are paid the same salary as bus drivers, community would not be crazy about making their children doctors
- Nouman Ali Khan